K L S Photography | About

It all started with a nikon coolpix camera and my two young kids doing all kinds of cute stuff. I couldn't take enough pictures, and the camera (or myself) just wasn't fast enough to get it all in. Then came the showchoir years - I had to invest in a better camera. Along came canon and the growth of the prosumer camera - the canon Rebel. Robin purchased it for me for Christmas (2006), but there was a show choir concert just before Christmas, so with her blessings I unwrapped my gift, shot the concert - and quietly wrapped it back up and put it back underneath the tree. Show choir competition season runs Jan - April, I got a lot of use right out of the gate. Once the season was over I set my sights on landscape and events, and eventually family and senior portraits - it's been a growing activity for me ever since. Photography is a moment in time forever saved.