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Shopping tips

Note: Other print sizes that are not listed, may be available. Please contact me for customized print sizing.

Buying Photos

1.) Choose the "Select Photos" button to get into the selection mode.

2.) Select your photos by hovering over the photo thumbnail and placing a check mark in the circle of the bottom left-hand side of the thumbnail. You can use the same method to de-select if you change your mind.

3.) Choose your product  - print, coffee cup, Holiday cards, etc

4.)  A dialogue box should pop up with your first picture and some choices. In most cases, you will also have the option to crop your picture. You can use the slider on the left and the move tool to manipulate your picture. Once you have made your choices move on to the next picture by choosing "NEXT" at the top center of the screen to move on to the next picture. When you get to the end of the pictures choose "ADD TO  CART". The group of pictures will be added to the shopping cart.

5.) Repeat for the next size picture or product.



Video Helpers 

Share your shopping cart - Share your shopping cart with a friend.


Share your cart!Share your shopping cart with family and friends!!

Favorites - 

Make and share a favorites folder.

Make and share your favorites folder.Make a favorites folder and share it with a friend, save it for a future purchase, or use it to sort your pictures.



Important - It's possible that any one of your pictures may need some custom cropping. Make sure you check all of your pictures for the fit you want.


Print tip -
For best results check out the "best fit" recommendations when choosing prints.
The "best fit" option will normally produce a full framed image, as opposed to cropping some of the image out.




If you have any questions feel free to contact me!!!!